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You care so much you feel as though you will bleed to death with the pain of it.   1 HUMPHREY  
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Fight Back, Tumblr.


Today, I am burdened with an incredibly upsetting announcement. Last year, Tumblr was acquired by Yahoo!. Yahoo! attempted to make money from Tumblr, but failed. The cost of operating Tumblr vastly exceeds the income generated by the site.

Yahoo! has decided that as of April 14th, 2014, Tumblr will be shutting down.

I, however, will not let Tumblr be shut down without a fight. Let’s show Yahoo! that the users of Tumblr still have a little fight left in them.

How can you help save Tumblr?

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  2. Talk about it

The best way to help show Yahoo! that we want Tumblr to live is by spreading the word. Show them that Tumblr still cares. Show them that Tumblr is worth the money.

Let’s show Yahoo! who’s boss.

Yours Truly,
David Karp

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reverse racism does not exist pass it on

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Maggie and Rust ”scene”



Maggie u fukin bitch 


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Why is everyone trying to defend Maggie for what she did? I completely understand why she had to cheat to get Marty away from her, but if she wasn’t strong enough to leave on her own there were other options. There was absolutely no reason for bringing Rust into it, the man at the bar (or any other man for that matter) would have been enough to get Marty away once and for all. Turn it around: What if Maggie was a man knocking on a drunk (alcoholic and off the wagon to boot!) woman’s door at night while she’s been looking at pictures of dead bodies for hours. They’ve been friends for years, but she has big problems and is obviously still grieving her dead daughter. She’s just been let go from work, and is surprised to see him at her door. He tries to seduce her, and she resists, but they end up having sex (not the kind of sex he wanted, but sex anyway) and afterwards she asks why. And he tells her it was only to upset his wife, it had nothing to do with her. He used her and freely admitted it. She thought they were friends, she thought he was the one person who at least tried to GET her, and even though there was a spark between them she always respected him and never tried to get romantic. If you think that’s okay on any level you’re disgusting. Maggie fucked over Rust and it’s sick and there was no justification. Literally any other man in the world would have accomplished what she wanted, yet she decided to fuck over a friend who was in a fragile state. I’m so disappointed and sad, I wanted more from them. I just can’t believe anyone would think what she did was okay in any way.

maggie can fuck who ever she wants to fuck. they were two consensual adults having sex, rust wanted it just as much quit whining

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She only had sex with Rust to get back at her husband, what a fucking bITCH I HATE THIS SHOW SHES DESTROYING EVERYONE.

did you miss the part where her husband was repeatedly cheating and lying? you think she owed his friendship to shits? hell-no

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Actually, I can see one valid argument for “Reverse Racism Doesn’t Exist”


And that’s just the name.  It’s not reverse racism… it’s just racism.  

White person toward black person.  Racism

Black person toward white person.  Also Racism.

Using the term ‘Reverse Racism’ to describe racism toward white people assumes that white people created racism, which I can assure you is definitely not the case.  There was racism before there were ‘white’ people as we know them today.

wow you have actually fucking studied racism haven’t you. poor white people. cry 

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no guys but reverse racism is real poor white people please understand

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http://shedshisskin.tumblr.com/post/68994399200/womaniyas-arseniccyanide-guess-what →




guess what

discriminating against ANY group of people based on their race is RACISM

no exceptions

guess what


I’ll just leave these here: imageimagehttp://24.media.tumblr.com/34ec6c28ea75057ea8fcfa0e5683fa6b/tumblr_mv0t2mhLsT1rey6pgo1_1280.png

you obviously don’t understand the difference between crime and racially motivated crime. go get a fucking education apart from the internet and maybe then you’ll know.

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Anonymous asked: Yes actually it does exist. There are plenty of people of other races who feel they are superior to whites due to race. That is Racism. You're BS addition of oppression to the definition of racism is invalid. No matter how many people share that opinion. Discrimination based on race is wrong, no matter where it comes from. Holding minorities to a different standard flies in the face of equality. People who use that definition of racism are causing more problems than they fix.

of course, if people oppressed the whites on the bases on their race, it would be racism. what i’m saying is that NO ONE FUCKING DOES. you hear? stop throwing the word around like it means something petty, there is a lot of baggage that comes with it, none of which privileged white people would know.

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guess what

discriminating against ANY group of people based on their race is RACISM

no exceptions

guess what


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people actually believe in urban legends and that cis hate, reverse racism, misandry and hetrophobia actually exists that is the real joke of the century

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